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Aimone Porri

SYSFLO Fellow at Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding


Aimone Porri was born in Pisa, Italy. After his High school he trained at the University of Pisa where in 2006 he obtained his bachelor in Agro-industrial Biotechnology with full marks. In 2008 he moved to the Max Planck Institute of Cologne, Germany, where he performed his training for a Masters Degree Thesis working on “Identification of new genes implicated in GIGANTEA gene expression regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana” under the direction of Prof. George Coupland. At the end of 2008 he obtained the Masters Degree in Plant and Microbe Biotechnologywith full marks and First Class Honours.

At the beginning of 2009 he was a winner of a public competition for financing a research project in collaboration with two university departments on “Use of fungi for bioremediation of industrial dyes with an azoic structure”. He developed this project showing the biodegrading capability of some fungi towards toxic compounds such as azo-dyes and tannins.

Finally in 2010 he moved back to the Max Planck Institute with a Marie Curie fellowship working on “Transcriptome profiling of the shoot apical meristem during floral transition of Arabidopsis thaliana. More

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