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Felipe Leal Valentim

SYSFLO Fellow at Plant Research International, Applied Bioinformatics group

Felipe Leal Valentim

Felipe Leal Valentim received the Bachelor degree in Computer science in 2006, from the Federal University of Lavras. During the bachelor he focused on algorithms for optimization and advanced techniques of artificial intelligence. His Bachelor thesis explored the possibility of applying bayesian networks to aid medical diagnosis upon simple observations. Felipe received his Master degree in 2010 in Plant Biotechnology from the Federal University of Lavras, where he could extend his knowledge by studying molecular biology, genomics, genetics and diverse topics related to advanced biotechnology.

Currently, he is doing his PhD in Bioinformatics focusing on Systems Biology applied to the complex trait of flowering time (see Research Project page for more). He is also working on a new technique for analyzing regulatory elements at a genome-wide scale; this work has already led to the release of 'Sliderbio' a new method for prediction of motifs responsible for protein interactions (see Software page for more).

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