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Miguel Godinho

SYSFLO Fellow at BIOBASE, Wolfenbüttel


I was born in Porto, Portugal, where I earned a Diploma on Food Engineering from the Biotechnology College, Portuguese Catholic University.

Since high-school, and in parallel with my studies, I’ve been running an intensive professional activity related with Systems Engineering and Software Development. Along with giving professional training on those fields (Microsoft Certification Courses) I worked as an independent consultant, giving support and developing solutions for a wide range of sectors (Automotive Industry, Health Care, Insurance, and others).

Data integration, analysis, and modelling have always been my passion and I’ve been involved in three start-ups with projects on financial data, market data and, more recently, on bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is of special interest for being within the convergence of my academic background and my previous professional activity. The need to switch between the academic and commercial worlds had been a difficult dilemma. The possibility of participating in SYSFLO permits me to gain a perspective on the field from an already established company (BIOBASE, the hosting institution) and, simultaneously, re-align my efforts towards academic research. BIOBASE has a long tradition of participating in academia-driven research projects and, by means of this project, it is giving me the opportunity to learn how to combine both worlds.

As result of private relationships and of previous research collaborations, I developed a strong sympathy towards the neighbour city of Braunschweig. It was a great pleasure to integrate BIOBASE/SYSFLO, also because it gave me an opportunity to live and work in the region.